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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  September 24, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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a very good saturday afternoon. i'm richard you looky. breaking news in washington state a manhunt under way for a gunman who killed five people at a shopping mall north of seattle last night. new pictures just released of the suspect with a long rifle walking through the mall. state police are telling people to stay indoors today as helicopters and k-9 units scour the area around the cascade mall in burlington. the gunman fired as many as a dozen shots, then fled toward a nearby interstate. a motive remains unclear. there is no preliminary evidence indicating the shooting was an
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act of terrorism. >> we are 12 hours into this. more information is unfolding. i don't know what his motivations were. i don't know what his motivation was to do this, to continue or to stop. i certainly plan to find out through the investigation to the best of our ability. >> shots rang out after 7:00 p.m. inside macy's make-up department. people fled the mall. some hid in dressing rooms. employees at nearby stores locked their doors. >> next thing you know, another shot. after that, bang, bang, bang. i heard like about seven or eight shots. at that point i dropped whatever i had in my hand and just started running. >> gotti, what is happening at this scene? they are trying to reconstruct what happened last night. >> reporter: that's right, richard. we have a little bit of good news. they have recovered the gun on
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scene. we are hearing that for the first time. earlier this morning. you see over here this is the center of the information where the fbi and local law enforcement is really coming together to basically make this game plan. the instigation is going to take a few different paths right now. some are going to focus on recreating what happened here at the mall. others are going to focus on identifying the suspect and going on this manhunt. over there is the macy's you see. this is the parking lot this suspect was last seen crossing. he headed over towards i-5. this is a freeway that goes up and down, north and south in the state. we understand a little bit earlier there was a flurry of activity on the other side of the freeway. it didn't amount to a capture. there is still no sign of this suspect. right now police are trying to
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identify with the public's help. earlier they released more pictures showing the suspect walking through the mall without a gun. there's been a 10-minute gap where he is walking in the mall without a gun. somehow he has a gun. goes into macy's and opens fire killing five people, four women, one man. all of them members of this community, a community now on edge because this suspect hasn't been caught. >> gadi, a lot going on there thank you so much. now we take you to protesters in charlotte. they gathered in the heart of the city for a fifth straight day. protesters want police to release dash cam and body camera footage from tuesday's police shooting that killed 43-year-old lamont scott. tremain lee is live for us in marshall park. what's the tone you're seeing
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there on the ground now that we are at day five of protests ongoing? >> reporter: as you mentioned, five days of protests here in charlotte after the killing of keith lamont scott. today is build as a day of action. you have a broad spectrum of organizations and different groups all coming together today in marshall park to demand justice. also demand the release of the body cam and dash cam video from that shooting. if you luke, it's a beautiful afternoon and hundreds of people here are gathered. there is a speaker down at the fountain. unity. piggy backing on what happened last night. another big peaceful protest. one thing to notice the dirsity of therowd here. after the initial fiery days where the anger was organic, now you see this coalition congealing around various organizations and peoples, black, white, asian. everyone coming together in the
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name of keith lamont scott. so far it's been a family reunion feel. they are not angi inry or boists but coming together. >> we'll watch what's happening very carefully out of north carolina. thank you for that. i woik look to bring in executive director of color change and vincent hill, former nashville police officer. i want to move to the charlotte police chief who defended the decision at the moment, so far, as to why they are not releasing the video. >> there are a lot of other factors that have to support and corroborate even what you might visually see. the process is painstakingly slow sometimes so i ask for your continued patience as the state bureau of investigations conducts their thorough investigation. >> it gets complex on the ground
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during situations like this, where so many different factors are at stake here. you have a very diverse community. is this satisfactory? is he doing the right thing? >> from a legal standpoint he is. this is a death investigation. any investigation you want to conceal your evidence until that case is closed. we know we are dealing with a potential justifiable homicide or a homicide. to leak evidence out at this time taints the case, it also taints a jury going down the line. >> when you look at this, we also have the family releasing, the wife releasing her own video. this sort of ups the stakes a little bit, if you will, emotionally. as that is being seen by that community, the community just wants to see what's on the other side. when you look at what the police chief has done so far, it gets more difficult. >> it gets more difficult and it gets incredibly challenging for
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people. in the early stages, the police department, police chief, politicians were telling the community there was nothing to see here. they were putting outside their own beliefs about what happened, their narrative about what happened. the release of the video now counteracts that a bit. maybe puts some issues on the table that folks have to look at. the community demanding the video and the full evidence of what's out there is also a reaction to what the police department did right up front with putting out a narrative about what they believe happened before there was the full evidence. now the community simply wants to know what happened. over and over in these situations, and communities around the country, we have the police officer saying one thing and the community saying another. >> we have tulsa example where they did release the video two or three days after the incident itself. that shows perhaps that works. we haven't seen the same
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reaction from the community. >> right. you haven't seen it obviously because there was transparency there. when you look at charlotte, you're looking at a shooting. obviously when police said there is nothing to see here, i think they meant more of we know this individual had a gun. whatever his intentions were, police know he had a gun which led to his ultimate death. >> but we don't know he had a gun. that's part of the ongoing back and forth. there is not clear clarity until we see all the video. >> in the video, there appears to be something that looks like a gun. >> we can't suggest a black police chief in the society and everything going on with the police right now would even make that claim if it was false. >> no. that black police chief was not there. we don't know what that black police chief would say. transparency is clear. transparency is important. this is not about individual black person or individual white person. structural racism and systems
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that put communities in harm's way are not about individuals. they need good individuals to not do anything. systems can survive where black people are involved. >> let me ask this, as an american citizen, if i were to approach you with a gun, you have the right to protect and defend yourself just as you have the right to protect richard if i approached him with a gun. the officers are afforded the same right. >> absolutely. there are so many things that play here. i am not a police officer. i am not a trained law enforcement professional. to ask me to, as a prite citizen, put myself first, that's first. north carolina is an open carry law. we pushed fraternal order of police to stand with us pushing back against the nra and these open carry gun laws and they haven't. in states around the country, people have a right to have guns. they did not check whether or not he had open carry. >> whether he had open carry or not is irrelevant at the time of
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the shooting. anyone can say i have open carry, but if you make a threatening move to a law enforcement, he has that right. >> that's why we need the video to see the full scene. >> reverend william barber wrote an op-ed for us. this is what he said. "the riots in charlotte are the pribltable response of human beings who are drowned in systemic injustice. this addresses the topic the two of you are bringing it up. how is that validated? we've seen many examples, unfortunately in the last couple of years across the country. this is tough when you're sitting on that side of being in law enforcement because this is the question, is it systemic? >> here is what's great about this conversation. two opposing views having a civilized conversation.
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would i say there are bad police officers? absolutely. did i support the shooting of walter scott in charleston, south carolina? no. did i support eric gardner? no. we can't tie that to every case without knowing the circumstances first. >> i don't think everyone wants to tie it to every case. communities want safety and justice and transparency from law enforcement. when something happens, communities want accountability. when accountability doesn't happen, what it does is sends a message that it's okay. it's okay to kill certain people if they are black, if they are brown, if they are poor. until we have accountability, until we have full transparency, you are going to see law enforcement having a higher bar to meet and telling the community of what happened. >> i can't thank you both enough for bringing your all and energy to this very important topic. i think there is an overlap and you agree on many parts of this. i appreciate your time.
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thank you so much. next we'll turn to presidential politics and change of heart for senator ted cruz. >> it's not easy to tick me off. i don't get angry often, but you mess with my wife, you mess with my kids, that will do it every of time. donald, you're a sniffling coward. leave heidi the hell alone. >> that was years ago? >> it was march. >> cruz now forgiving trump and endorsing the republican nominee. what it means heading to monday night's first presidential debate. ops ] ♪ just can't wait to get on the road again ♪ [ front assist sounds ] [ music stops ] [ girl laughs ] ♪ on the road again ♪ like a band of gypsies we go down the highway ♪ [ beetle horn honks ] no matter which passat you choose, you get more standard features, for less than you expected. hurry in and lease the 2017 passat s for just $199 a month.
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thanks for staying with us. hillary clinton is off the cam train trail as she prepares for monday's first presidential debate. clinton allies telling reporters clinton has a strategy and prepared to face her
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unpredictable opponent. meanwhile, advisors to donald trump tell nbc news his debate prep has been minimal. the candidate reportedly refusing to hold a mock debate. instead, he'll study tape of clinton's past performances. here is how both candidates reacted to questions how they would handle personal attacks. >> we'll have something i think people will respect as a debate, but we'll see where it all goes. >> i am going to do my very best to communicate as clearly and fearlessly as i can in the face of the insults and the attacks and the bullying and bigotry that we've seen coming from my opponent. >> three recent general election polls show that clinton is leading significantly. the polling average has her up by three percentage points. jacob rascon and kasie hunt are on the trail for us. jacob, you're in roanoke, virginia, where donald trump
11:17 am
will hold a rally later today. giving us a preview of what the tone of the debate might be like. >> he may be doing just that in the last hour or so he tweeted in response to mark cuban, another billionaire who is supporting hillary clinton earlier this week, said he would be on the front row of the debate. now trump is tweeting in response calling him dopey and saying maybe he should invite gennifer flowers to sit in the front row right next to him, bringing up an accusation from the 1990s about an extramarital affair with bill clinton. we did not figure trump said he would not want to bring up those kinds of things in the debate, but he appears to be doing that ahead of the debate. as far as roanoke, we are talking to trump supporters about what they would say to trump about the debate. how would they advise him? what would they say? how must he win this debate? here is some of what they said.
11:18 am
>> i think he needs to stay on top, as far as questions asked of him, i think he'll do fine. i have all the confidence in the world. >> i think in this debate he will be more presidential and rely on what got him there, immigration policy, tough on foreign countries and how he will turn around our economy. >> almost everyone said about the same thing, that if they were his advisor right now, they would tell him to focus and not let hillary clinton get under his skin and not as one person put it, look like an idiot. >> jacob, thank you for that. let's move over to kasie hunt out in hempstead, new york at hofstra university. that's where all the energy is. you got new information coming from inside clinton's debate proposal. >> that's right. things getting under way here already. even just a couple of days before this all-important first
11:19 am
presidential debate. hillary clinton is on the move. she is holding mock debate sessions over the weekend as she gets ready for this. you heard her talk a little bit in your intro about how she is preparing, figuring out how to counter potential insults from donald trump. on the one hand, aides want to make sure they try to provoke him. they think anything like that would help make him look unpresidential and could benefit them. she has to be ready for whatever he has to throw at her. they brought in a long-time hillary clinton aide. they worked together for quite some time. he has a reputation for being trumpy in personality, if you're looking for somebody willing to throw insults without worrying about it, he might be your guy. he's not afraid of hillary clinton. he was charged with protecting her image while she was at the state department and earlier in
11:20 am
her political career. he's very familiar with her weaknesses in personality and anything that might have come up in her past. he's not afraid to talk about bill clinton's infidelities on that debate stage. she is practicing with him. she's gotten an endorsement today from the "new york times." not necessarily a surprise in and of itself. you would expect "the new york times" to endorse the democratic candidate. they have pretty strong language against trump saying they are going to write an additional editorial later on to explain why we believe mr. trump to be the worst nominee put forward by a major party in modern american history. tough words for trump from the "times." >> a fun job maybe, but perhaps you've got to watch your ps and qs here. you don't want to go too far. >> trump might go too far. i think they want somebody who can. >> there you go. thank you for that.
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take you to washington, d.c. thousands gathering for the opening of the new smithsonian museum for african-american history and culture. president obama and the first lady welcomed former president george w. bush and laura bush who were on hand for that event. the museum opening is taking place among back rest across the country. >> a museum alone will not alleviate poverty in every inner city or every rural hamlet. it won't eliminate gun violence
11:25 am
from all our neighborhoods or immediately ensure that justice is always colorblind. it won't wipe away every instance of discrimination in a job interview or sentencing hearing or folks trying to rent an apartment. >> joining me tricia rose. as the president is standing there, an african-american president standing at the opening of this historic museum in this historic location where mlk was half a century ago, we put this all together though with what we are seeing the way we started the show today. we go to charlotte and talked about tulsa earlier in the week. it's tough to understand where this all fits together. >> well, it fits very much in the legacy of what i'm sure is in the smithsonian which is a
11:26 am
long history of tremendous, often fundamental and state-sponsored violence and subordination of african-americans where stage after stage there's some success, some progress, a tremendous amount of struggle, significant backlash, more struggle, more success, backlash. so we are at another one of these potential high point moments where people are making all of us acutely aware that what's going on is completely unacceptable. but it has tremends historical precedent. this is not the first time we've been here. the museum has a terrific opportunity to help us see how the past informs the present, how certain practices have ended and other practices have evolved, and how much struggle and opportunity there is at the same time. >> how do you teach and talk about what has happened in the last three years, this last week included? what is the title of that course if you have taught it or would
11:27 am
teach it? >> by fortunate circumstances, i'm teaching a course right now called how structural racism works. the idea is to figure out how this vast system of the five major aspects of society in media and housing, in education, et cetera, how these various areas worked together to produce various kinds of significant disparities and very negative racialized outcomes. how does it happen? there is no some conspiracy with people hiding in the corner. we try to untangle it, how the system inner connects and accumulates on itself. in this case, we talk about these instances as we can and try to unpack the big picture in relationship to the incident. always key. look at the big structural picture examining these cases. >> you take that step back. >> you have to. one of the things that makes every one of these shootings
11:28 am
remarkable, not just what happens in the moment, but there is a pattern of response that frequently, if not entirely ends with a very unsatisfactory, seemingly justice system response. freddie gray, for example. no one is to blame for this brutal tragedy. how can this continue to happen. >> what does this mean for other minority groups, whether ethic minority groups, sexual orientation, gender? what we are looking at right now, when you take out the structural systems because it would affect other minority groups. >> first of all, there are many queer african-americans, many female african-americans, and there are many black people who are also of various ethnicities. those aren't exclusive categories. to say there is structural racism to doesn't mean there is sexism, homophobia.
11:29 am
they are not mutually exclusive. we have to look at these things in relation to each other. if you're speaking about the african-american legacy, the importance of this museum and its relationship to the history of the protests and suffering and injustices we see today, it's crucial we understand the very special role that african-americans have played as a catalyst for these systems and tests. >> a benchmark to understand what other groups can understand what is happening today, as well. thank you so much. apprecia your time, tricia rose from brown university. have a very good saturday. >> thank you. up next, true or false. as the candidates get ready to fact check each other. we will check out the recent claims made by donald trump and hillary clinton with the help of politifact. ♪
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welcome back. here is what we know about the manhunt under way in washington state. five people are dead after a gunman opened fire inside a macy's store 65 miles north of seattle last night. new pictures showing him walking through the mall with a rifle. that suspect is still at large. investigators say he fled the scene on foot toward a nearby interstate. then in charlotte, new protests today on day number five. police released the dash cam and body cam videos. scott had a gun and account acted in a threatening manner. the unarmed block man shot by police last friday. betty shelby has been charged with first degree manslaughter in connection with that shooting
11:34 am
and released on $50,000 bond. her first court appearance expected in the next hour. let's turn to the presidential candidates as they get ready to square off. who has been more truthful along the way. 07% of trump's statements have been rated false compared to 28% of clinton's statements. join being me now is linda q. are these numbers surprising? >> i'll say this, clinton and trump are very different candidates. this is trump's first national election. he's not a politics.
11:35 am
he speaks in exaggerations what he calls truthful hyperbole. clinton is a lawyer by training. just very different rhetorical style. >> our african-american communities are absolutely in the worst shape that they've ever been in before, ever, ever, ever. >> you've given this pants on fire. that's the worst rating in not being true at all. >> right. there was slavery and the jim crow era. so there is no comparison to today and those two eras. beyond that in the past half century, educational attainment, life expectancy have improved
11:36 am
for african-americans. on the flip side, poverty and crime rates decreased. trump is absolutely wrong when he says african-american community is worst than ever. >> let's go to trump again. this time when he was on fox's "bill o'reilly show." >> you worry sometimes when you say these things that peaceful muslims will be the victim of backlash, victim of people just lumping everybody into the terror jar? >> well first of all, i never said muslim. i didn't say that. i'm saying you are going to profile people that maybe look suspicious. >> true or false on that one? >> that's a false. in that same interview when bill o'reilly posed the same question, he accepted the premise without rejecting the fact he suggested racial profiling. further more, he suggested it once in june and obviously many of his policies are geared towards muslims specifically,
11:37 am
such as the muslim ban and surveiling mosque. so false. >> linda qie, thank you for your time today. the naacp holding a news conference. we'll listen and see what they are saying. >> that every decision because if you look at this group of people, black, white, asian, latina, native american, young, old, no matter what, including lgbtq standing together for this city. all of us love this city. because of that, we ourselves, the clergy, went down tuesday night as soon as we heard about that tragedy and began to organize, to make sure we were all safe that night. we want to make it very clear,
11:38 am
we in no way condone any violence. hear me. we in no way condone any violence. but the majority of the people on the street have been citizens lifting up their voices in righteous indignation, seeking justice for everyone in the city. the majority of them. there may have been a few who were not or maybe a few who were, but use the wrong tactics. but we are still working to ensure that this city is safe. now we want to talk about what happened the last two days. several meetings, some as early as the middle of the morning with city council and the mayor, pleading to release tapes. pleading for transparency. pleading to get it right.
11:39 am
and since that time in those conversations, we decided that we won't stop and we can't stop. yesterday early afternoon we were given the second tape that was put all over media. and we immediately gave that tape to the fbi and to the doj, as well as the mayor of this city. miss jennifer roberts. we understand someone leaked that tape. we did not. we did what we were supposed to do. we gave it to the doj and to the fbi, and we notified the mayor of this city jennifer robbins. more importantly, since that tape came out, we continued to say it's even more important for
11:40 am
cmpd to release all tapes and be transparent. we are hearing now the tapes will be released. that's the beginning, but it doesn't stop there. they have to be systemic changes. there have to be policy changes. there have to be heart changes in order for this city to truly be safe. when i say this city, i mean all citizens. as a black woman, i have been hurt, deeply hurt at every african-american who lost their life at the hands of police. at every african-american who lost their life. we can't tolerate this. we simply can't tolerate this. because of our actions as a coalition in submitting the tape, as of today there is an official investigation from the doj this investigation is a
11:41 am
preliminary investigation right now. they will be coming back having conversations with individuals to get more information regarding individual testimonies of their own injustices. we'll have mothers who lost their children at the hands of police give their testimony of their pain and their particular issues and incidents. and we will continue this fight. we will continue to stand. we will continue in love. and we are asking once again that each and every one of you bring your gifts to this fight because we can't win without us winning together. god bless you. >> from the naacp in north carolina. the tone you saw throughout her commentary there as she was asking for the tapes to be released. very calm. day five of demonstrations and protests there in charlotte,
11:42 am
north carolina. this as they await the request, the answer to their demand and that is that the tapes be released from both the dash cam as well as body cam videos that were on the police officers, law enforcement that was there on scene during that. tammy with protesters getting some reaction. i was saying if you were to take anything away from what's happened in charlotte as we were listening to naacp in north carolina, the tone very calm. >> hey, richard. we've been marching with this group about the last 30 minutes. very calm, very peaceful. they are all demanding for the release of the tape. as you can see, there's about 500 people. keep in mind this is day five of protests out here in charlotte. we were out until late, late
11:43 am
this morning, marching with protesters. they marched by the police department through city centers, residential neighborhoods. then eventually on to the interstate. the one thing that makes last night's and today's protests different than previous protests, there's been a big police presence out here. there's police, uniformed police on bikes in front of the group. there's uniformed police officers walking with the group. so it's a very controlled, peaceful environment. >> where do you think the intensity is? >> i think with each day that they don't release this video from the police shooting, from the body camera and from the dash cams that we know exist, i think things intensify. people want answers and people will continue to protest until
11:44 am
they get to see those videos. >> tammy leitner. thank you. we'll check if with you later. we have this programming note. at the top of the hour, msnbc will bring you live coverage from new york central park of this year's global citizen festival. global citizen is looking to bring world leaders together with a goal of ending extreme poverty around the globe by 2030. we have rihanna, demi lovato, major laser and metallica. it all begins at 3:00 p.m. eastern here on msnbc. ♪ take on any road with intuitive all-wheel drive. the nissan rogue, murano and pathfinder. now get 0% apr for 72 months,
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which characters show up on monday? that's what makes the first presidential debate a tv spectacle. it could be any of a handful of styles. there's a so-called impromptu
11:48 am
iconoclast like bernie sanders and donald trump who hates the process all together, occasionally leading to moments like this. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you. me, too. >> or the super primed, so wonky, they lose sight of what's trying to get done. >> governor, if kitty dukakis were raped and murdered, would you favor an irrevocable death penalty for the killer? >> no, you don't, bernard. i think you know i opposed the death penalty through all my life. >> seen as unemotional there. there is circus-like and entertaining like ronald reagan in 1984. >> you already are the oldest president in history. >> i will not make age an issue of this campaign. i am not going exploit for political purposes my opponent's youth and inexperience.
11:49 am
>> gumption, over voters' heads. they rely on god and gumption like dan quayle's reaction to lloyd benson's iconic remark in 1988. >> senator, i served with jack kennedy, i met jack kennedy, jack kennedy was a friend of mine. senator, you're no jack kennedy. >> and then there's the message disciples. they are so committed, they can sound mean-spirited to some like this moment from 2008. >> i don't think i'm that bad. >> you're likable enough. >> thank you so much. >> finally, the pros who know, but don't have the gravitas, they don't have the "i feel like
11:50 am
i know you" factor. >> we took a concerted effort to go out and find women who had backgrounds that could be qualified to become members of our cabinet. i went to a number of women's groups and said can you help us find folks? they brought us binders full of women. >> there are more styles, yes. for trump and clinton the question is when and to what degree each pulls out these debate arrows to hit a bull's-eye with swing voters. i wanted to start with you on this, eleanor. big question. you you a all of those that brought us back. which donald trump is going to show up? >> those were all killer moments. you could argue each one of those swung the election. i think over 90 minutes we are going to see a lot of different donald trumps. i'm sure he will come out initially with instructions in
11:51 am
his head to look presidential. at some point in that 90 minutes, the real donald trump will emerge and we'll get trump from the gut. i think i'm looki forward to how hillary clinton handles those different donald trumps because the burden will be on her equally to respond to whoever shows up on that debate stage. >> let's react to that. what we are hearing, from the clinton campaign, that philip rhinus is playing trump in her practice. how does she prepare for whichever one does show up? >> hillary is a policy wonk. we talk about how she will try to fact check him. if he comes off looking presidential all 90 minutes. it will be a fascinating debate to watch. debates and elections are all about moments.
11:52 am
a lot of people are going to pay attention to these debates. it's going to be one of the most watched debates ever in history is what people are saying. you want to hit your peak at that moment. right now donald trump has momentum. hillary clinton needs to do well to kill that momentum. if not, donald trump will set the narrative for this election. >> you were watching on what we were reporting on over the last 30 minutes. as we watch charlotte, north carolina, protesters and demonstrators are in the street. we have issues of policing, body cameras, transparency. that will likely dominate some of the conversation on monday's debate. the question is, will it be discussed enough? how do they discuss it in order to address what young african-american voters are looking for here? >> that's a very good question. i think one metric the public really cares about is who's qualified and who have the knowledge to be commander in chief and to be president?
11:53 am
being a bully, a blustering bully is just not going to work here. so if we just look at what the last 70 years of trump's life, i don't think he's going to be able to be presidential at all. but look, the other part of this is the trump campaign has been doing this low expectations, which is funny because the bar is so low for him. all he has to do is show up, speak english, not trip all over himself and that could be a win for him. look what's happening here. despite the sexual predator roger ailes is, he is the foremost expert in debate prep. he has that. we learned this week they are doing a psychological profile on hillary clinton on ticks and finding out what makes her move. this is not just a fly by night operation for donald trump. they are serious about this. >> how does secretary clinton, in the way she conducts the
11:54 am
debate, we were laying out the different sort of strategies one might use, how does she raise the bar for donald trump which is lower than for her? >> i think she has to keep returning to the fact that the presidency is about serving the american people. she's got to convey to the people watching this debate and many have not been saturated in political coverage as those of us here in washington. >> it could be the first time they are seeing them. >> yes. they are going to take the measure of these two people. i think hillary clinton has to come across as a three-dimensional person who has flashes of humor, who smiles. i know it sounds sexist, but she should smile and convey a sense of warmth. that she is not just an automaton and part of a government everybody hates. she has to counterpunch against trump. don't let him get away with
11:55 am
anything. i'm sure she and her aides watched some of the republican primary debates and how the other republicans let him romp all over the field. she's got to be strong and tough and maybe even cut him off. >> i'm sorry to cut you off. >> that's okay. >> she said that so much today in audio we are playing. she is ready to come at him using the strong words of bigotry and others. it's not only the african-american community, the latino american community, other layers watching the way he addresses the complexity of america, the way he talks about muslim americans, the way he talks about immigration, talks about women. how is it in this case that hillary clinton can address that as a win for her and for donald trump to try what he's been trying to do, sort of mitigate his arc of negativity that many
11:56 am
critics have said about him? >> right. the last few weeks we've seen donald trump focus himself to talk about policy, be more understanding that tone and rhetoric matter. hillary clinton has been pointing out his history. she is going to try to bring up the things he said in the past. donald trump will try to be more focused on policy, and we see him so careful on tone. the majority of these communities, and myself as a latina, i'm undecided. even though i'm a republican, i'm not sure what to make of donald trump. hillary clinton is not an option for me. there will be a lot of voters. we see in 2016 a large pool of undecided voters than ever before. he needs to appeal to those. >> we've got to leave it there. thank you so much. we have a hard out today. eleanor, thank you for your time. all three of you have a great
11:57 am
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